Things to Do If You Receive a Notice as an Immigrant

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Are you an immigrant living within the United States? If so, it can be extremely scary and frustrating to get served with any type of government notice. This is particularly true if you aren’t certain of what you did wrong.

Though it is easy to assume the worse right away, you should not panic. On a lot of occasions, all you have to do is to understand how to respond to particular notice. This will help give you peace of mind. Aside from that, it’s also great to have an Orlando immigration lawyer that can help you if you get a notice.

What Forms of Notice Will Immigrants Typically Get?

There are a lot of sorts of government notices that an immigrant can get from the Customs and Immigrations Services of the United States. A couple of these notices include:

  • Notice of Intent to Terminate (NOIT)

The US Customs and Immigrations Services will give this notice to an asylum-based immigrant. They will usually give this before the asylum status of the person is finished. This offers them time to create a response.

  • Notice of Intent to Revoke (NOIR)

This is a form of notice that you will receive if you are a petitioner of the I-130 petition. The purpose of this notice is to revoke the petition. To make things simple, it’s a warning for the immigrant individual who applies to have a family member visit the United States.

  • Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID)

The USCIS will typically issue this notice if they have suspicions about your marriage’s legitimacy. The USCIS might deny your application if they give you this notice. However, you can still offer more documentation or evidence as required to avoid this.

  • Results for Evidence (RFE)

As the name implies, the USCIS will usually send this notice to an immigrant once he or she completes his/her marriage green card application. The purpose of this notice is because the USCIS officer is looking for more documents or evidence that proves the legitimacy of your marriage.

What Should an Immigrant Do Whenever They Receive a Notice?

One of the first things you should do when you receive a notice as an immigrant is to read all words carefully. It does not matter what type of notice you receive. You need to read it carefully to know what the notice is saying, what extra details or documents they need, and more. You need to provide a valid reason to the USCIS if you can’t give them the document they need.

In addition to that, whenever you submit the required documents, you have to submit them on time. It is important that you don’t miss the deadline. You should also make a photocopy of all the documents you’re going to submit before you mail it. Make sure you ask for the tracking number so you can guarantee the USCIS received the documents safely.

Though a couple of notices might be severe compared to some, there are a lot of things that can go wrong if you’re doing it alone. Make sure you hire a professional immigration lawyer for help.

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